Access and analyze your live measurement data on the go.

ZEISS PiWeb app

ZEISS PiWeb app is a mobile solution for quality data management and is addressed to metrologists as well as quality and production managers. Through an intuitive measurement dashboard view and various visualization tools, you can get access to all important information about your measurement results directly on your iOS device. Start the digitalization process at your company and discover potential problems and possible solutions faster.

Check measurement results directly on your iOS device.

Benefits at a glance

Be more flexible

  • Location independent access to your measurement data
  • The app can be connected to any data source: on premise server and database and / or ZEISS PiWeb cloud
  • Render data from multiple suppliers
  • No additional device is needed
  • Compatible with measurement data from ZEISS and non-ZEISS measuring machines

Save time
Discover problems faster and therefore stop the production line for a shorter period of time.

It’s easy-to-use
Find the information you need right away in order to make the necessary corrections if needed.


ZEISS PiWeb database replication
Access your live data in the mobile application with the database structure defined on your ZEISS PiWeb planner.

Check the status of your measurements
See what’s in and out of tolerance within your latest measurements.

Details on characteristics
View measurement trends by looking at the statistic charts providing quality data for the last measurements of the selected characteristic.

Analyze your measurement data in 3D
Simply use the built-in CAD model-visualization, which is of vital importance when working outside of the measurement lab.

A guided tour through ZEISS PiWeb app

Quickly access the information that you need


Connect to the server of your choice: Please select ZEISS PiWeb cloud, an on-premise server or both.

  • Add as many new server connections as needed.

Overview of parts

By selecting a server you will be automatically led to the overview of your parts.

  • Profit from a familiar navigation of your parts: the structure of your ZEISS PiWeb database is replicated
  • Mark parts as favorites to quickly access the parts that are relevant for you
  • Quickly search or filter parts
  • Status overview and time of last measurement

General information about a specific part

Select a part to see its general information on the “dashboard view”.

  • CAD visualization of part with characteristic status overlay
  • number and timespan of measurements, measurement characteristics and points
  • status of latest, last day and last week of measurements

Status of the latest measurements of a specific part

In order to see the status of the latest measurements of a specific part, simply select the number of measurements and jump to the “measurement history” view.

  • Status and timespan of individual measurements
  • Configurable display of measurement attributes such as serial number, operator or measuring machine
  • Filter “measurement history” by desired attributes
  • Overview of released measurements and locked measurements, which should not be used for statistic purposes.

Get even more insights about a specific measurement

Simply select your desired measurement and jump to the “measurement detailed view”.

  • View measurement attributes
  • List and status of characteristic measurement values
  • Filter and sort measurement values list

When did it go out of tolerance limits? Easily analyze characteristics.

View measurement trends by selecting a specific characteristic.

  • Characteristic overview: status and tolerance of characteristics
  • Characteristic detailed view: trend analysis visualization of measurement values with tolerances