Stefan Glowacz

Stefan became a world-class competitive climber, then an adventurer and explorer. His equipment: a Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL spotting scope with Vario-D eyepiece. Combined with a digital camera, Stefan Glowacz doesn’t just use the spotting scope to zoom in on details up close, but can also capture what he sees in photographs. The result is unforgettable testimony of his travels.


„When I plan long trips on foot, I leave my spotting scope at home. Instead, I rely on the Victory 10x32 T* FL. They’re the best binoculars for me, because they not only give me a great view, but are also extremely light and compact.“

  • Curriculum vitae

    As a child, Stefan accompanied his parents on their mountain adventures and discovered his passion for nature and its challenges at an early age. Then his ambition kicked in. On 5 June 1985, then 20 years old, he won first place in his first official competition; winning the prestigious Rock Master title in Arco only two years later. Stefan remained at the top of his field, wining the title in Arco in 1988 and 1992 as well as the demonstration competition at the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville in 1992. He then decided it was time to tackle real challenges. In 1993 he declared his competition career over and departed in search of greater adventures.

  • Experiences

    Instead of showing his competitors their limits, Stefan focused on exploring his own, criss-crossing the globe as he did so. The Nama Karoo in Namibia, the ice fields of Patagonia, the Venezuelan jungle, the middle of nowhere in Kenya - the path became the goal. A goal that he pursues with the same ambition as the earlier routes to the summits. What drives him? The desire to advance. Stefan knows that the best path out there is not usually the easiest one. In his presentations and his book “Jäger des Augenblicks” (roughly translated: “Hunting the Moment of Truth”) he shares what the mountains have taught him with companies, managers, world-class soccer players and others who achieve what was initially thought to be impossible. Stefan Glowacz knows exactly how that works: always look forward without hesitation and with the exclusivity that only genuine visionaries have.

  • Expeditions

    The list of his achievements up to now is long, and includes expeditions in Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Patagonia and Venezuela. Whether canoeing through the Venezuelan jungle or driving a jeep through the Nama Karoo in Namibia, the adventurer isn’t always in search of the next climb. What matters to Stefan Glowacz is discovering remote areas and mastering extraordinary challenges in the process.

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