Experience nature

More and more people find themselves fascinated by nature and look there for relaxation, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hectic world of the office. Simply to switch off, unwind and see something different. This is the moment we work for at Carl Zeiss. That is why we also support the people and projects that make the preservation and protection of nature their daily mission and responsibility. Together we are working for you. In the future you can use brilliant, high-resolution optics to immerse yourself in the natural world, and switch off completely.

We would like to introduce you to just some of the places that you can go to relax and where nature has been given special protection with the support of Carl Zeiss. At the same time we will show you the people. Each one an expert in his or her field. The organisations and projects that are working closely with Carl Zeiss to protect the natural world.


The Hessian ornithologists are committed to the preservation and study of indigenous birds. Carl Zeiss supports HGON in their commitment to the preservation of habitats and their efforts to increase peoples' awareness of nature.



As the only breeding ground for many marine birds, and a stopping point for numerous other bird species, Helgoland is a Mecca for avid ornithologists. An annual highlight: the legendary Helgoland Bird Days.



On Amrum you can still enjoy nature with all your senses, as it surrounds you wherever you go. To observe and preserve this precious flora and fauna is also the mission of the Carl Zeiss Amrum Nature Centre. It is open for visitors all year round.


Randecker Maar

In the Swabian Alb is a former volcanic vent, which provides migratory birds and insects with an important stopping point on their often difficult journey. Once a year, there’s an opportunity to experience the bird migration up close from the Randecker Maar research station.


Wedeler Marsch

The NABU conservation area Wedel Marsh lies about 25 km west of Hamburg. Its centrepiece is the Carl Zeiss observatory. The observation building is a popular destination for families and nature lovers. Visitors can come here to observe birds, up close without disturbing them.


Wollmatinger Ried

The Wollmatinger Ried nature reserve is one of the oldest and most important at Lake Constance. Here is an opportunity to observe rare animal and plant species that are almost extinct.


NABU Naturschutzgebiet Federsee

The NABU Federsee Nature Reserve lies some 40 km north of Lake Constance and is one of the largest nature reserves operated by NABU. As the largest area of marshland in the whole of South West Germany it offers a natural habitat for a unique diversity of animals and plants. NABU has purchased tracts of land to secure the preservation of this paradise.


Rockjumper Birding Tours

Rock Jumper Birding Tours offers all over the world professionally guided expeditions for nature lovers and bird watchers.


Elli H. Radinger

Elli H. Radinger (born in 1951) is a journalist specialising in wolves. Since 1991 she has been Editor-in-Chief of Wolf Magazine, the only German-language publication about wolves. For most of the year, Radinger, the author of numerous books, lives in America's Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, where she has been collaborating on a wolf project since 1995.
She is the only German expert on the Yellowstone wolves and also runs wolf-watching trips.


Gerard Gorman

Gerard Gorman is an experienced and highly regarded tour guide in the field of nature and bird observation. Gerard’s main ornithological interest lies in woodpeckers. He is considered an expert in the European species. Alongside his work as a tour guide for professional birdwatchers he is also the author of various specialist books.

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