Sample courtesy of Prof. Jochen Herms, LMU München, Germany
ZEISS Workshop

From Image to Results without Compromises

Wednesday, 3 May 2023, 9:00-12:00 - NTNU Kavli Institute - The Fred Kavli Building, Olav Kyrres gate 9 - 5th floor

ZEISS workshop

From Image to Results without Compromises

A full morning with ZEISS. Covering multi modal whole slide imaging with Axioscan 7, the lastest developments in confocal imaging with LSM 980 with Airyscan 2 and finishing off with how you can take your image analysis to the next level with the arivis software platform.

  • Axioscan 7

    Experience the evolution in automated whole slide imaging for brightfield, fluorescence, and polarization applications. Achieve faster brightfield scanning with flash mode and the Axiocam 705 color camera.

    The use of multichannel immunofluorescence techniques expands your opportunity for research and discovery, increasing output from precious sample material. Our dynamic slide scanner offers full spectral flexibility pairing the Colibri 7 with discrete single bandpass filters, multi bandpass filters, and fast filter wheels. Self-monitoring in the Colibri 7 ensures precise power output of its ultra-fast switching LEDs for reproducible fluorescence acquisition.

    Imaging multiplexed tissue is now faster and gentler than ever with the introduction of a new patented contrast technique. The Transfer of Intensity Equation, or TIE contrast, offers damage-free, high speed focusing of fluorescence material. Stained, label-free, and low contrast samples are all made visible with unsurpassed optical quality. Capture the whole picture, hundreds of slides at a time, without application restrictions.

  • LSM 980

    LSM 980 combines everything needed to image your most challenging samples. A light-efficient beam path with up to 36 simultaneous channels and full spectral flexibility into the near infrared (NIR) range give you the perfect basis for mu lticolor experiments with living samples. On top of this, LSM Plus effortlessly i mproves all your experiments. The unique combination of spectral imaging with improved signal-to-noise ratio and resolution enables lower laser power for your live cell experiments and avoids time loss due to averaging. If you need to resolve selected sample structures even further, seamlessly integrate Airyscan 2 in your confocal workflow to get sensitive super-resolution imaging.

  • arivis Pro

    The integrated ZEISS arivis software platform provides an environment for users to leverage cutting-edge image analysis tools (i.e. AI), state-of-the-art visualization, and work with images regardless of file size and imaging modality. The platform is designed to grow with your research and is scalable from notebook and graphics workstation to server infrastructure, and from single lab to multi-user core facility. In this talk you will hear how the ZEISS arivis platform can boost your research and provide you with a way to get reliable results from your imaging data, faster and more efficient than ever before.


9:00 - 9:45

Axioscan 7
High-performance Slide Scanner for Fluorescence, Brightfield and Polarization
Eric Muren, ZEISS

9:45 - 10:45

LSM 980 with Airyscan 2
A Unique Confocal Experience
Eric Muren, ZEISS

10.45 - 11.00

Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:00

Image Analysis without Compromises
Boost your research with the ZEISS arivis scientific software platform
Molly McQuilken, ZEISS


NTNU Kavli Institute
The Fred Kavli Building, 5th floor
Olav Kyrres gate 9,

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