A New Lease on Life Reifen-Müller is testing carcasses with ZEISS INTACT, a shearography machine
How Reifen-Müller succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • Using the special shearography method patented by ZEISS, detecting air pockets in the tire casing in the millimeter range takes one to two minutes.
  • Thanks to shearography, between four and five percent of the casings inspected are identified as unusable and are sorted out, increasing the quality of retreaded tires delivered to customers and reducing potential claims. 
  • Since they have been using ZEISS INTACT, the rejection rate is significantly less than one percent.

Non-destructive quality testing of tire casings with shearography

Reifen-Müller was one of the first German retreading companies to start using shearography to inspect the interior of casings. This approach has since taken hold in the industry, at least at large companies. Moreover, the manufacturers of new tires now check the quality of their products, using this non-destructive method.

The reason why shearography has become absolutely essential for the tire industry is that it gives companies the option of detecting defects with optical methods that cannot be identified with random sampling.

Reifen-Müller has been working with ZEISS INTACT since 1999. “For us, ZEISS INTACT is absolutely essential for clearly assessing the quality of the tire casings,” says Thomas Brand, a master vulcanizer and, along with Uwe Müller, the shearography expert at Reifen-Müller.

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