Mobile Surface Measuring Instrument Featuring an elegant Design


HANDYSURF is used to measure, evaluate and document surface roughness

Simple quality assurance throughout the production

The simple solution to measure, evaluate and document surface roughness – from incoming goods to production all the way to final inspection.


Mobile Surface Measuring Instrument

With a sleeker design, new 2.4-inch color LCD screen, and improved user interface for intuitive operations, HANDYSURF+ offers a simple quality assurance option for measuring surface parameters throughout production. It is an ideal solution for the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries.


Flexible use

HANDYSURF+ is flexible and robust, with horizontal, vertical and overhead surface
measurement capabilities that travel to the workpiece


HANDYSURF+ meets all common surface standards (ISO, DIN, CNOMO, ASME and JIS), features 20 languages and can be connected to a PC, printer or flash drive via built-in USB


Wider measuring range

HANDYSURF+ covers a 370 µm measuring range -
the widest in its class - without compromising its 0.0007 µm resolution

Enhanced analysis

HANDYSURF+ offers graphic representations of measurements for on-site verification with paramater and waveform, and is capable of a variety of analyses including BAC, ADC, peak count and motifs


  • Easy-to-use, mobile and flexible for measuring, analysis and logging
  • Compact design
  • Work quickly using the automatic function for the measuring range, total path, cut-off and magnification
  • Can be connected to any ZEISS 3D measuring machine via a ZEISS CALYPSO interface
  • Surface analyses in accordance with all common standards: ISO, DIN, CNOMO, ASME and JIS
  • Interface connects to separate analysis computer
  • Measure in various positions: horizontally, vertically and overhead
  • Optional horizontal tracing driver to measure in the axial direction in tight spaces
  • Resolution: up to 10 nanometers
  • Extensive accessories (printer, columns, extensions, cables, printer paper)

Technical Data & Specifications

  •  Available in three models: 35, 40 and 45, with stylus tip radiuses of 2 or 5 µm (45 only available with 5 µm stylus tip radius)
  •  Z measuring range: -210 to +160 µm
  •  Z measuring resolution: 0.0007 µm
  •  Stylus tip material: Diamond


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